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Minute finishing touches and rare decorative items can make your space look entirely special. Headboards and other decorations using fabrics are not only easy to install, but also happen to be among the most adaptable of decorating tools. Some fabric hangings simply transform the look of the room.

The plus point of this decoration style is that you can change these anytime and install a fresh look with another color and design every season. These won’t cost much to incorporate into an existing décor scheme.

You may keep a large headboard in the background of some furniture or have multiple small boards arranged in some good fashion. You may run multiple patterns parallel to each other with a certain gap to create an impression of broadness in the wall or have vertical fabric frames running parallel to give the effect of good height.

Textures create excitement and these fabric hangings or frames are a good medium to have an innovative and fashionable interior space that would not only speak of your personal taste but could also create the required mood in a room.

These may function as a good focal point where in you may even use some decorative accents against the backdrop and create a real stylish ambience. Below are some examples.

Picture by Just Dandy

Picture by Everythingetsy

Picture by Room Decorating Ideas

Picture by Wall Decor Source

Hope you find this idea useful in transforming your space as per your taste.