If you plan to give a refreshing look to your home, there is nothing classic than Roman Blinds. Perfect for all the rooms in the house, they look sophisticated and are quite functional indeed. They are made of a single piece of fabric that is rolled into pleats to enable us to adjust the amount of light entering the room by controlling these folds and pleats, through an attached cord. These could be either lined for insulation or sheer to allow some light.

The best thing about installing Roman Blinds is that they let us customize our home the way we desire to, in the patterns that we like and the designs/colors we choose to, without hindering the already existing décor.. I think they are the most stylish option for decorating and dressing our windows. They can be made in numerous styles like Paneled, Tab Headed, Beaded, Pleated, Balloon, Bottom Up, Austrian, Bound Edge, Cascade, Butterfly, Corsica, Eyelet Fantail, Hobbled, Hook Up, Roller, Plain, Pointed, Reefed, Relaxed Fantail, Relaxed, Rolled Tie Up, Scalloped, Shaped, Staggered, Tailored Fantial, Turreted Bottom, Waterfall, Festoon, Etc.

With so much variety of styles, patterns, colors and designs here are some pictures to give you an idea. I hope this would help you to bring in that refreshing breeze of style in your home.

Courtesy: And Sew On Designs

Courtesy: Home Furnish

Courtesy: J Candler Design

Courtesy: Blinds Galore

Courtesy: Blinds Of Raleigh

Courtesy: Elaine Hayes Designs

Courtesy: Matt and Shari

Courtesy: Shop 1st Blinds

Courtesy: Roman Shades Expert

Courtesy: Roman Shades Expert

Courtesy: B2B Trade

Pictures by: And Sew On Designs, Home Furnish, J Candler Design, Blinds Galore, Blinds of Raleigh, Elaine Hayes Designs, Matt and Shari, Shop 1st Blinds, Roman Shades Expert, B2B Trade