Lenzing  is back again with all the required information about fashion, colors and trends. A company popular as the only producer world-wide of all three man-made cellulose fiber generations, from Viscose to Lyocell to Modal, releases its trend forecast every year to help the design industry develop an insight about the future design and color forecasting. Below is their Fashion & Color forecast for Autumn/Winter 2014/2015.

Forecast Courtesy: Lenzing


Get moving. Turn your back on mediocrity. Push the boundaries even at the risk of failure. This season is all about change. After a period of unease and longing for better days, we realize that we are no longer at a standstill. We embrace generosity. Empathy is a driving force. And the interplay between knowledge and intuition will lay the path for new inventions. We wish to create iconic, timeless and narrative design that is a testament to a time when we finally acknowledged that the only endless resource is our creativity. We are curious. We want to collaborate. We see the future in a brighter light. Stretch your imagination–the time is now!

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