Sophistication and finesse of black and white in decorating any space is known to all of us. It is one combination that remains unaffected by seasonal and trend changes, making our décor look timeless and classic. The drama and excitement of black when combined with the grace, elegance and chastity of white, creates a brilliant statement. This combination is fairly easy to accommodate and also in bringing space related changes in décor. On one hand, more use of black in larger spaces balances them well and on the other hand, more use of white makes smaller spaces look bigger and brighter.

For more ideas on how to use this progressive, modern and stylish color combination, have a look at the pictures below.

four walls and a roof 1 four walls and a roof homeizea 1 homeizea hotnick 1 hotnick inspiration for home 1 inspiration for home keepon lushome lushome_1 stylisheve

Picture courtesy: Four Walls and a Roof, Homeizea, Hotnick, Inspiration for Home, Keepon, Lushome and Stylisheve