Premiere Vision recently came up with the most authentic denim trends for 2015, to emphasize the inspirations, innovations and key directional trends. Have a look.

Spring summer 15 engraves, with force and delicacy, the direction of a pivotal season, where blue reclaims its boldness, and inscribes indigo with nobility and distinction. It reconciles pasts and futures in a season championing bases that are dense and lightweight, essential and futile, soft and dangerous.

Fantasy, majestically feminine or discreetly and firmly masculine, is affirmed across every item in the silhouette, from the fabrics to the accessories. Silhouette highlights focus on looks floaty or body-sculpting looks, yet always wider, shorter, and more well-defined, with engineered fantasy and details, surprising backs, relaxed sweatshirts and plays on edges, sleeves and the bottoms of skirts and pants.

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Fashion Report/Forecast Courtesy: Premiere Vision